“A well designed user interface goes unnoticed by the user” but on the other hand a poorly designed one will draw the user’s attention to how poor it is instead of the actual content.

Why most people are like sheep and just follow the crowd?

Web design ideas are often borrowed from similar websites. This is justifiable if you are using the ‘proven design pattern’ excuse which is perfectly legitimate and I guess for most people it’s a safe route. Or, in a different case they find something purely interesting and cool-looking but without any real thought as to why it should be used for their own website.

KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

You could make a design that is so cool that it’s sub-zero cool (believe it or not, people actually use this term). It doesn’t necessarily mean it will solve your user experience problems. Creating a good user interface to give good user experience requires understanding your audience. The two key components should be research and design.

A well-designed user interface (UI) that is simple, intuitive and easy to use contributes to a positive experience for users. However, you can also design the most easy to use UI that doesn’t meet the user’s expectations or goals, therefore creating a terrible experience with a slick looking UI. This is why research is important.

Should app design concept have more impact on web design?

If we look at traditional mobile or desktop app, layouts are often planned out ahead of time, typically to make efficient use of space and to increase usage of the app. Surely the same practice should be applied to the web, right? Usually mobile, desktop and even web app’s design goes through a much more extensive layout planning process because they want to try to figure out a layout that will increase usage of the app. The same principle should apply to the web too. After all we want people to use our websites just as effectively.


Interfaces should provide seamless interactions with the content and inspire the user to build a better relationship with it. Users can be stimulated by navigating a clear and interactive UI and in some cases should be able to have fun using them, but most important of all is a user should be inspired by an interface that almost seem invisible.

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