Brochure, brand and campaign websites are all equally important especially if they are planned correctly as part of a bigger picture.

We have recently undertaken a considerable amount of microsite projects for the same client, which was and still is a very cool thing to do.

If you have a brochure website which pushes the main brand identity, does it communicate effectively all the unique individual attributes or indeed specialist aspects of the business? We all understand that the brand is important as this reflects trust, stability, great service and your unique expertise. However, does it truly convince the potential or existing client that they should get in touch or work with you?

Microsites or campaign websites are a great way to leverage the already powerful and recognised brand by communicating directly to the specific audience.

For example, if you have a specialist HR division and a tax division are the audience the same? The simple answer is no, both audiences know and trust the brand but are they being spoken to personally? By implementing a microsite or campaign site you are able to speak directly to the potential client or clients whilst keeping the integrity of the brand intact.

How is this done? Simply by understanding the individual attributes of the need – It could be you want to engage with clients in distress, showcase a long term strategic partner, offer advice or consultancy.

All these user journeys are different, the calls to action, the language, the functionality and means of engagement all vary and this is where a microsite can excel at serving a specific, targeted audience.

Because microsites sit on their own URL, the domain name can be keyword-rich which is valued by Google and other top search engines. Also, the information presented can be highly specific and detailed – exactly what your target audience require but which could risk confusing and overwhelming your main website. On top of this, microsites are more rapidly developed and their impact easier to measure.

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